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Do you want to know what is streetwear?

Do you want to know what is streetwear? In modern times,  streetwear has held an important position in the fashion pursuits of the mass, especially among the youth.

Do you want to know what is streetwear?
Do you want to know what is streetwear? In modern times,  streetwear has held an important position in the fashion pursuits of the mass, especially among the youth. Brands such as Supreme, Off-White, and others have really catered to the various urban youth subcultures, causing a new platform for fashion. The concept evolved in the streets of the United States, featuring vibrancy, passion, and dynamism attributes that to this day reflect youthfulness and rebellion. Due to that reflection, the youth drove streetwear to the mainstream making it the beloved fashion quota we enjoy today.


Let’s dive a little deeper into answering the question: What Is Streetwear?


An overview of the concept of streetwear

As you can make of it from the name itself, this is a form of casual clothing that is most popular in urban settings. Made up of t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and sneakers, streetwear has made a name for itself in representing the youth culture. However, do not mistake this style to represent just one culture, though it is hip-hop oriented, streetwear is anything that does not belong to the fashion system. Using many different elements from grunge, emo, rock, and other subcultures. Streetwear fashion can be seen as a snapshot of modern urban fashion, creating diversity and variety which center around the innovative youth.


Following are the key factors that contribute to the massive popularity of Streetwear Clothing


What Is Streetwear
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It’s Aesthetic

In the present day, streetwear is undoubtedly the pinnacle of style. With so much diversity, new pieces are constantly being dropped relentlessly. In addition, out of the variety, many creative pieces have been released from these drops allowing for some interesting art like clothing. Take brands like Ready-made who base their pieces off of old fashion military gear, creating a streetwear style with a sharp edge. In saying that, Such pieces like bomber jackets, distressed denim, baseball caps, and other popular clothing create a stunning aesthetic by itself and/or when combined together.



What Is Streetwear
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It’s Versatility

The time of its inception, streetwear clothing was primarily to be worn during the summer, due to basic pieces like t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and sneakers which called for a more laid-back look. Fast forward to today’s time and streetwear can be worn year round as the availability of streetwear serves the dressing needs during the Autumn, Spring, Fall, and Winter. Streetwear not only goes well with all four seasons but it has shown that simple pieces like a graphic t-shirt could be used with countless of various outfits.



What Is Streetwear

It’s Movement

However, though derived from the aesthetic, streetwear clothing has become a combo culture in itself creating a following with the new generation of youth that loves to express themselves with their fits. Not only are young adults in this movement too but children are involved as well, showing off their latest picks on social media or when hanging out with friends. Driven by the Hip Hop community, rappers and pop-stars take a huge part in the streetwear movement with artist such as Kanye West releasing his very own Yeezy’s sneakers and creating a Yeezy fashion line that has been very successful in mainstream media. Though he himself is just an example, countless of celebrities, artist, actors, and athletes have all created their own highly praised streetwear items.




These days, the market offers an inexhaustible collection of streetwear, coming from various manufacturers and offerings that have an unlimited amount of widespread options, allowing many different subcultures to find attraction. Due to this, it seems streetwear will not be dying off anytime soon because of its cult following, aesthetic, and versatility. To add on, it is such a strong staple in today’s mainstream media making impossible to fall off in the near future. That’s it for today’s, we at Draped Up hope you enjoyed learning about what’s the basic meaning of what is streetwear. Please like, share, comment, and subscribe to our news feed to get awesome new content.  Also, take a look at any other blogs and give support, we would highly appreciate it.


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